Three underrated moves the Denver Broncos made this offseason

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The Denver Broncos were certainly in the news quite a bit this offseason with some high-profile moves, but there's a few key ones that flew under the radar. Headline-making moves are awesome to see, and the Broncos certainly made a few of them.

However, it's not all about those headline-making moves that make up a good and competitive football team. Denver does appear to be in a good place with their roster and coaching, and I have faith that they can squeak into the playoffs this year.

One reason why Denver will make the playoffs is because of a few underrated moves that they made this offseason.

Three underrated moves the Denver Broncos made this offseason
1. Signing Marquez Callaway

One of the biggest issues with the Denver Broncos was their depth at wide receiver, and that was apparent last year. I could add drafting Marvin Mims Jr to this list, but I'll stick with Callaway for now, as the Mims' pick seemed almost universally praised when it happened.

In 2021 with Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints, Callaway had over 600 yards and six touchdowns, and that was only his second year in the NFL. Callaway is also 6'2", 200 pounds and a good blocker.

He really feels like an addition that is going to pay off and perhaps lead to some sort of extension in the future. Right now, I'd guess that he's at best, the fourth wide receiver on the depth chart, so I think the underrated label sticks.

He'll be able to contribute in 2023 and I think we'll see him sneak through the cracks and make some big plays when much is on the line.