Looking at the 5 highest cap hits on the Broncos for 2023

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The Denver Broncos truly do not have a player on their roster with a high cap hit in the 2023 season. Let's highlight the highest cap hits on the roster. We've looked at this category before, but it's worth looking at again as we slowly inch closer to the 2023 season.

It's mostly inevitable for players on a large contract to at some point have a year with a high cap hit. Among the players on the Broncos with the top five cap hits, a few of them do have restructuring potential in their contract if that need were to arise.

Let's quickly look at the top five highest cap hits on the Denver Broncos for the 2023 season.

Looking at the 5 highest cap hits on the Broncos for 2023
5. Randy Gregory: $16,100,000

Randy Gregory has the fifth-highest cap hit on the roster for the 2023 season, and if he doesn't perform well this coming season, the Broncos surely won't hesitate to move on from him. The five-year deal he signed last year is effectively a two-year pact, which is awesome.

Gregory played in just six games in 2022 and has never been able to consistently stay on the field. The signing was puzzling when it happened and looks even worse now.

4. Garett Bolles: $17,823,529

I noticed some rumors this offseason that Denver potentially had interest in somehow moving off of Bolles, whether that would have been a trade or cut.

Bolles looks to be on the team for at least the 2023 season, and his contract runs through the 2024 season. He's a solid left tackle and missed most of 2022 with a broken ankle. I'd assume he should return to his old self in 2023.

3. Justin Simmons: $18,150,000

Justin Simmons is arguably the best safety in football but does have a very high cap hit in 2023 for the position. I think Simmons is an obvious trade piece if the Broncos' season doesn't go like we think.

If Denver is clearly not a playoff team by the time the 2023 trade deadline rolls around, I think Simmons is shipped to a contending team, and I think this is probably his last year in Denver if the team does not make the playoffs.

2. Courtland Sutton: $18,266,176

Courtland Sutton has had some iffy production since returning from his torn ACL a couple of years ago. He'll be another year removed from that ACL tear and should be playing in an efficient offense.

I think Sutton can return to a place where he can hit that 1,000-yard plateau that he hit in 2019. Apparently, Denver had nearly traded Sutton to the Baltimore Ravens this offseason.

I don't think the Broncos will trade Sutton at this point unless they get an offer they can't refuse. His cap hit is a bit high. Perhaps the Broncos would approach him for a restructure.

1. Russell Wilson: $22,000,000

This is a pretty low cap hit for a QB on a top contract, in my opinion. I think Russell Wilson is going to return to his old self in 2023. Sean Payton has consistently schemed top-of-the-line offenses during his time as a head coach, and I think the Broncos have the personnel in place to execute those offenses.

If Wilson does falter in 2023, the Broncos could realistically move on from him, which would still be hard to digest financially, but it'd be possible. Since Sean Payton does have authority over the roster, I guess we don't truly know what'll happen. Ideally, Wilson figures this out and remains in Denver for the next few years.

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