3 big 2023 Broncos additions who could last one year in Denver

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The Denver Broncos have gone sideways in 2023. The team sits at 1-5 and is challenging the 2022 Broncos for the most embarrassing team in Broncos history. They have lost to the Nathaniel Hackett-led Jets offense, the Commanders and Sam Howell, and *again* to Josh McDaniels.

If the team continues to move down this path, the higher-ups could make the moves to move on from several key additions to the Broncos organization, both coaches and players. Here are three players who could be on their way out the door after just one year in Denver.

3 additions who could be one and done for Denver Broncos

1) DC Vance Joseph

Vance Joseph has arguably the worst coaching tenure in Broncos history and is challenging that again this year with his defensive coordinator tenure with the Broncos. Joseph's defense has been distastefully bad and was nationally embarrassed by the Miami Dolphins when their offense scored 70 points on Joseph's defense. Two edge-rushers have since left the Broncos due to underperforming under Joseph, and the secondary is as strong as a piece of paper. The Broncos are consistently giving up large numbers through the air, and are getting sliced and diced on the ground.

Joseph could be gone from Denver after just one year if he makes it through the year. The Broncos have allowed over 1,000 yards on the ground, while also being out-gained through the air by roughly 400 yards total. As the defense continues to be embarrassed week-by-week, they have lost a few different games where the offense put them in a position to win.

However, the defense did show signs of life in Kansas City on Thursday. However, that is just one of six games, and the Broncos' defense has shown no reason to have faith they can put together back-to-back strong weeks. If their current pace of one good game every six weeks keeps up, expect Vance Joseph to find the boot at the end of the 2023 campaign.