3 Broncos who need to be benched, 3 who need to play more after Chiefs loss

Which Broncos players should be riding pine and who needs to get on the field?

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Another year, another loss to the Chiefs. The Denver Broncos have now lost 16 straight games to the Chiefs and quarterback Patrick Mahomes is 12-0 against the Broncos in his NFL career. Broncos Country is obviously now just anticipating the mass exodus of players who are apparently on the trade block, players who may have played their last games as Broncos against the Chiefs.

After assessing the game as a whole, it's clear that this was arguably the offense's worst performance of the season while the defense may have actually (finally) shown up in a big way. Although not everyone on the roster can be traded, which players might need to start getting some more action, and which players on the Denver Broncos roster should see the field less?

3 players Denver Broncos should bench, 3 who should play more

1. Russell Wilson benching coming soon?

There is a chance we could see the Denver Broncos bench starting quarterback Russell Wilson relatively soon. Do I think it's deserved after the whole of what we've seen so far this season? No, which is why I don't think we'll see him benched right away. But if the Broncos keep losing games, this might be a conversation that happens after the bye week.

Wilson has a $37 million salary guarantee for 2025 that will kick in on the 5th day of the 2024 league year. That will be guaranteed for injury if anything happens to Wilson this season. If the Broncos want to save that $37 million in cash by potentially cutting Wilson in 2024, they would need to turn to Jarrett Stidham at some point. And that some point could be coming soon.

Wilson and the offense have not been clicking the last two weeks. There is no passing game to really speak of for the Broncos at the moment. We'll see how they do against the Packers, but as of right now, I think the clock is definitely ticking on this season for Russ as well as his time with the Broncos.