This Denver Broncos 7-round mock draft is the worst outcome imaginable

If this mock draft was the real deal, it'd be the worst possible outcome for the Denver Broncos.
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There is always a chance that the Denver Broncos 2024 NFL Draft simply does not go their way, and this 7-round mock draft would be the worst outcome imaginable. Let's put some things in perspective for a second. If you're someone who likes to make mock drafts, surely you do them trying to draft the best possible class for the Broncos.

However, isn't there still a chance that the NFL Draft does not go the team's way? Well, yes. So many different things could happen that could totally ruin Denver's draft. I think outside of the top two picks likely being Caleb Williams and Jayden Daniels, anything else is possible. Let's try to put together what'd be the worst-case scenario for the Broncos during the 2024 NFL Draft.

12th Overall Pick - Quinyon Mitchell, CB, Toledo

Let's get it started with the worst possible position the Denver Broncos could take with their 12th pick. The horrible thing about a cornerback at 12 is that there are mock drafts out there that mock a CB to Denver with this pick, and I just do not get it. Denver has two young CBs in Damarri Mathis and Riley Moss that the team still apparently believes in, and they did just sign a solid veteran CB in Levi Wallace.

Taking a CB at 12 would be the antithesis of how an NFL roster is properly built. This would be a fireable offense.