This 4-step plan gets the Broncos exactly what they need to get on right track

The Denver Broncos seem to have more questions than answers heading into the offseason but if the team were to follow this plan, it would be tough to argue with.

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Philadelphia Eagles
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Trade down in the first round

I have already laid out why trading up in the first round of the draft in order to get a quarterback like Caleb Williams, Drake Maye or Jayden Daniels is a ridiculous thought so assuming that all three of those quarterbacks are drafted within the first few picks as expected, the Broncos should instead trade down in the first round.

The Broncos do not currently have a second-round pick thanks to the trade last year to get the coaching rights to Payton from the New Orleans Saints. Here's a trade idea that would allow them to get that pick back.

Broncos-Eagles Trade

In this scenario, the Broncos move back 10 slots in the first round but gain an extra draft pick in the process. That pick will be pivotal to this plan.

The Eagles had a disastrous collapse this past season but they know that their Super Bowl window is still open. They also know that they need to keep pace with the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East so they are going to need to add another cornerback to this roster.

The target in this move up would be Clemson cornerback Nate Wiggins, assuming he is still on the board. The Eagles have two second-round picks (Nos. 50 and 53 overall) and the Broncos get the earlier of those in order for the Eagles to get a crack at Wiggins.