These three Broncos players have the most to prove at mandatory minicamp

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3) Tim Patrick, wide receiver

Patrick hasn't played a snap for the Broncos since the days of Teddy Bridgewater, and if camp goes wrong for him, he may never again. Patrick has blown out a knee in consecutive seasons, doing each knee once. Patrick's best years came in 2020 and 2021 when he put up roughly 735 receiving yards each year and brought in 11 total touchdowns between the years. Patrick, however, has now missed two major years of his prime, will turn 31 late in the 2024 season, and has just one year left on his deal.

Ultimately, Patrick is at risk of being cut if his season with the Broncos goes wrong. The Broncos don't have a ton of proven receiver depth, but if an unheralded receiver, such as Patrick all those years ago, can burst onto the scene and make himself a factor in the Broncos' plans, Patrick could find himself on the way out of Dove Valley.

Patrick has just one year on his contract and could be an attractive candidate to be cut for several reasons: for one, being on a short contract that is moved on from after 2024 regardless makes it easier. He probably doesn't have too much of a big plan in Denver beyond 2024, so if he struggles, it is easy to move on. It is also completely possible that Patrick could be a trade candidate. If the Broncos don't have a timeframe that matches up with Patrick, he could be shipped out of Denver for another piece that addresses a roster concern, or for future draft compensation. Either way, things could change for Patrick, and they could change quickly.