The three largest Broncos comeback wins of the century

Every team has won a game coming from behind, let's recap the Broncos' best ones from this century ...

Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning / Harry How/GettyImages

This century has had a lot of ups and downs for the Denver Broncos. They have had good seasons and bad seasons, great, and not-too-great games, but overall the Broncos are a team that battles with identity in almost every single football game.

Comeback wins always have a sweeter taste, an insane feeling, especially because you are losing for most of the game, and the team never gives up, ending up winning the respective game.

So far, the Denver Broncos have had wild games, so let's recap the three largest comeback wins by the Denver Broncos in the century.

1. Broncos @ Chargers (Oct 2015 - 24 point comeback)

This game is not only the Broncos' largest comeback of the century, it is the largest comeback in franchise history, and against a division rival, on the road, in Primetime (Monday Night Football) ... simply Peyton Manning!

Chris Harris
Denver Broncos v San Diego Chargers / Harry How/GettyImages

The Broncos traveled to San Diego for a Monday Night showdown between two teams that were fighting for first place in the AFC West. The Broncos were down 0-24 at halftime, after an awful first half with three turnovers ... the comeback started in the first drive of the third quarter with a 29-yard TD pass from Manning to Demaryius (RIP). Denver had 35 unanswered points in the second half of the game, winning it 35-24. Peyton Manning had a wild stat line in the second half ... 13/14 completions/attempts, 167 yards, and 3 passing touchdowns.

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2. Broncos vs Chargers (Nov 2020 - 21 point comeback)

The Broncos really do like comeback wins against the Chargers. Three out of the ten largest comeback wins in franchise history are against the Bolts. This one was at home, and it was a last-second touchdown from Drew Lock to KJ Hamler to win the game. 4th-largest in franchise history.

KJ Hamler
The Walkoff TD celebration - KJ Hamler / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

The Broncos were down 3-24 in the mid-third quarter. Had 14 unanswered points with almost a little bit under twelve minutes in the fourth quarter. Los Angeles had a field goal, and Denver answered with a touchdown two times, the last touchdown being with 0:00 seconds left in the clock. A huge division win, and with a lot of style. Drew Lock had three fourth-quarter passing touchdowns ... the first one was of nine yards to Albert Okwuegbunam, the second one was a forty-yard bomb to DaeSean Hamilton, and the third one was a one-yard walk-off pass to KJ Hamler.

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3. Broncos vs Texans (Dec 2010 - 17 point comeback)

Tim Tebow's first NFL career home game ended up being his first-ever NFL win. It was his second start, where the Denver Broncos defeated the Houston Texans at home. 7th-largest in franchise history.

Tim Tebow
Tebow celebrates his first home win / Doug Pensinger/GettyImages

This one was a very important win for the team, it was their first win in over a month. Houston was up 17-0 during halftime, the Broncos scored on the first drive of the third quarter. Denver was down by 13 at the start of the fourth quarter but scored fourteen unanswered points to come back and win the game. Rookie quarterback Tim Tebow, had a six-yard rushing touchdown with 3 minutes left in the game, which secured the dub for the Broncos. Tebow finished the game with 308 passing yards (one 23-yard passing TD), and 27 rushing yards (one six-yard rushing TD).

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Which of the three is your favorite?

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