The Denver Broncos have an exciting breakout candidate in 2024 season

Who might take that next step forward now with Bo Nix at the helm?
Green Bay Packers v Denver Broncos
Green Bay Packers v Denver Broncos / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Who could the Broncos look to in the offensive game to take their production to the next level with Bo Nix under center? The most obvious here is Marvin Mims Jr. The second round pick from the 2023 NFL Draft and the first selection Sean Payton made as the Denver Broncos Head Coach.

"I think you're going to see a lot of growth with this player, Payton said Tuesday of Marvin Mims Jr. He's tough, he can run and we're certainly excited that we have him."

Sean Payton

"I really think the only thing that really stopped his progress as a receiver was us and trying to find roles, Payton said. He's playing the same position as Jerry [Jeudy]."

Sean Payton

As you know already, Jerry Jeudy has been traded this off season so the path for Marvin taking on a larger role is wide open. I believe we could be looking at one of the most talented young weapons in the game. Not only did he make the pro-bowl as a rookie for special teams but I could see him doing the same this season again except as a wide receiver on offense.

He's got the speed to beat his defenders one on one as displayed last year with a couple of 50+ yard receiving touchdowns so we know on the surface that the potential for the big time play making ability is there.

However, with the NFL updating its kickoff rules, the game has been expanded even more to where a player like Marvin is going to find even more ways to excel returning kicks. Having the ability to be a dual threat option in both the special teams as well as being a legit problem for defenses on offense is a trait coveted by many offensive coaches in today's league.

Finally, with the additions of Tim Patrick and Josh Reynolds being added to the fold, that should only help Marvin expand his game further by putting additional pressure on defensive secondaries not being able to only hone in on one or the other. Sean is a genius when it comes to opening up the passing game and hearing him talk about the possibilities for Marvin has me excited from the jump.