Super Bowl 58 matchup is a nightmare for the Denver Broncos

For a couple of reasons, the Super Bowl 58 matchup is a total nightmare for the Denver Broncos

NFC Championship - Detroit Lions v San Francisco 49ers
NFC Championship - Detroit Lions v San Francisco 49ers / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos will once again have to sit back and watch the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs square off in the Super Bowl. It's a nightmare having to watch these two teams play in another Super Bowl. They first met in Super Bowl 54, which was the first Super Bowl championship of the Patrick Mahomes era.

A few years later, the teams meet again. Well, first of all, both the Chiefs and the Denver Broncos have three Super Bowl titles. So if the Chiefs were to win in a couple of weeks, the franchise would have one more than Denver, which is the first nightmare that the Broncos would have to deal with.

Obviously, not a single Broncos fan should hope for any division rival to succeed, yet here we are, about to watch the Chiefs win their third Super Bowl since 2019. It's gross, frankly. The Denver Broncos owned the Chiefs for decades, but when Patrick Mahomes entered the picture, that ownership totally flipped.

And now, the Chiefs seem to have a better chance at winning the Super Bowl any given year than the Broncos do to make the postseason. This has to change, and change quickly. Another reason why this Super Bowl should be a total nightmare for the Denver Broncos is watching Kyle Shanahan coach a team not named the Broncos.

The connections here are obvious, and the Broncos did interview Kyle Shanahan for their head coaching vacancy following Gary Kubiak stepping down. The rumor is that former executive Joe Ellis would not sign off on the team hiring Shanahan. And that seems to have been a huge mistake that has still impacted the Broncos and will continue to impact them.

All in all, watching these two teams meet in the Super Bowl yet again is nothing short of a disaster. Obviously, as Broncos fans, the fanbase should be rooting for the 49ers to bring home the title. Honestly, it might be sweeter seeing Mahomes and the Chiefs lose in the Super Bowl instead of them losing in any previous playoff game.

Maybe both teams can lose?

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Anyway, the Denver Broncos have to be sick to their stomach watching this transpire. I trust Sean Payton and his staff to get this team on the right track, but it is a long process. The 2023 NFL season was an encouraging start for the team, but much work is yet to be done for the Denver Broncos to return to their dominant ways.