Steelers, Russell Wilson on "Hard Knocks" will be must-see TV for Broncos fans

This is going to be juicy.
Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the rest of the AFC North will be featured on HBO's Hard Knocks during the 2024 NFL Season, and this has to be must-see TV. The Denver Broncos just keep on winning this offseason, don't they? They rightly got out of the Russell Wilson deal after the 2023 NFL Season, and will now eat an NFL-record $85 million in dead cap, spread out across two seasons.

Well, the popular show Hard Knocks is expanding, and Wilson and the Steelers will now be featured on the show during the season, along with the rest of the AFC North:

When the Broncos cut Russell Wilson, the reviews were mixed, as many said that Wilson played plenty good enough to warrant staying on the team for at least one more season, but others did think the move was correct. Well, one team's trash is another team's treasure, as the Steelers quickly signed Wilson to a one-year deal.

The Broncos also drafted Bo Nix in the 2024 NFL Draft, so it was a quick turnaround for Denver and Sean Payton. The Broncos and Steelers play each other in Week 2 of the 2024 NFL Season. With the game being at Mile High, the crowed is going to be out of their minds-crazy. And more broadly, Wilson and the Steelers being on Hard Knocks has to be must-see TV for Broncos fans, especially if the Steelers aren't a good football team.

Russell Wilson is clearly someone who loves attention and the spotlight, so this is perfect for him. He's probably got all of his catchphrases ready to deploy when the camera is pointed his way. Broncos fans can watch and roll their eyes and be glad that Russell Wilson is not stealing money from the team anymore.

This is going to be a wild ride.