Snow game, no Taylor Swift ... non football reasons on why the Broncos can beat KC?

Can the Broncos finally defeat the Chiefs after 16 consecutive losses? No Taylor Swift?
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The Denver Broncos will face the Kansas City Chiefs for the second time in three weeks. This time, the game will be played in Denver. There are two big storylines that are non-football related to this week 8 divisional matchup. Let's take a look at them.

1. Weather:

On Saturday, it was announced that the weather could be a big factor for the week eight matchup between the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs. There is a big chance of snow.

These freezing temperatures could factor into the game. But it is also reported that the snow should stop with enough time before the game. With that being said, there is a big chance for the snow on the field to be entirely removed for the game.

If there are snow showers during the game it could help the Broncos to slow the Chiefs offense,who knows?

2. Taylor Swift:

Since a few weeks ago, Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce has been dating pop singer Taylor Swift. It has been a big story in the NFL, as she has been attending to Chiefs' games to watch Kelce play live.

It looks like Swift has also become a good friend of Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes' wife Brittany Matthews. Taylor Swift even sat next to Kelce's mom in her first Chiefs game.

So what is the storyline here with Taylor Swift ... well, it has been reported that she will NOT attend the Chiefs' game this weekend against the Broncos, as she is preparing for her "Eras Tour" which will continue outside the United States in ten days.

Why this could be good news for the Denver Broncos ... well, as dumb as it sounds, Travis Kelce has had better stats with Taylor Swift attending Chiefs games than without Swift in attendance.

Kelce had 9 receptions for 124 yards in the week 6 matchup between the Broncos and Chiefs. Kelce had a strong game against Denver, he was literally unstoppable. Maybe without Swift in attendance at the game, the Broncos can stop Travis.


Can the Broncos finally beat the Chiefs?