Sean Payton thinks highly of this 2025 free agent quarterback

Could the Denver Broncos make another bold move at quarterback next year?

Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos could be in a position to make a splash move at quarterback in the 2025 NFL Offseason, and Sean Payton's previous comments on this player could give this some legs. No one knows for sure what the Broncos will do during the 2024 NFL Draft, but to me, it's a good bet that the team will come away with the rookie QB.

In short, I think their two-year plan is to draft a rookie, ideally see the rookie QB show some promise in year one, and capitalize on that rookie contract in 2025, as the team is set to have a ton of cap space and could also have a second-year QB ready to breakout. However, let's say that scenario doesn't play out for some reason and the Broncos are again looking for a QB in 2025.

Well, Sean Payton might be able to put a free agency bid in for Dak Prescott, who doesn't seem to be getting an extension from the Dallas Cowboys and who is slated to hit the open market in 2025. Here's what Payton has previously said about Prescott (back in 2018):

"I think he is [an] exceptional leader. You just watch his presence and when he came into this league. I think he is strong in the pocket and he is a guy who can come out of trouble if you will. He can come off of sacks, out of tackles, extend plays. I think he has a real good presence in the pocket. He can beat you with his arm and he can beat you with his feet. He is a winner and those are the things that you see him doing the last three weeks now. They (Cowboys) kind of have things going."

Sean Payton on Dak Prescott

It's hard to envision Sean Payton and the Broncos not making a huge push for Prescott if the QB does indeed hit free agency. And this would be especially true if the Broncos QB situation in 2024 does not provide any long-term promise. If that was the case, there'd be triple the urgency to get the QB right, and one could argue that Payton's seat could then begin to get warmer.

Prescott threw for 36 touchdowns, nine interceptions, and 4,516 yards in 2023 for a stellar 105.9 passer rating. Across his career, he's got 202 touchdowns and 74 interceptions. Say what you want about Dak Prescott; what's clear is that he has been an efficient QB his entire career and has not played with as sharp of an offensive mind as Sean Payton is.

He'd be entering his age-32 season in 2025, so while he wouldn't be young, his potential arrival to the Denver Broncos would be much different than Russell Wilson's. When Wilson came to Denver, he was 33 years old and was already declining. What Wilson and Prescott do well as passers could not be more different, and Wilson's reliance on his legs is currently a huge reason why his NFL career is just about over.

Dak Prescott can win from the pocket and can play well into his 30s given the recent history of older pocket passers. And with the Broncos set to have over $80 million in cap space at this point, signing Dak Prescott would not at all be unrealistic.