Sean Payton played chess making everyone think he wanted JJ McCarthy

Bo Nix was the guy since the beginning for the Broncos. Why did the Vikings move up?
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Thursday was a historic day for the Denver Broncos, as they selected their franchise quarterback, Bo Nix with the 12th overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Nix is the perfect fit for Sean Payton's system, and Sean knew it a while ago. Bo Nix became the first quarterback to get drafted by Sean Payton in round one.

Before Denver's selection, the Minnesota Vikings, who initially had the 11th overall pick, traded up with the New York Jets for the 10th overall pick, where they selected Michigan's National Champion quarterback, JJ McCarthy.

The Vikings traded the 11th overall pick, a 4th-round pick, and a 5th-round pick to the Jets for the 10th overall pick and a 7th-round pick. For me, that is a huge overpay to move one spot. Regardless of what the Vikings did to get their quarterback, later it was revealed that the Denver Broncos did not want JJ McCarthy.

Multiple people including former Broncos quarterback, Super Bowl 50 champion, and Hall of Famer Peyton Manning mentioned before the Draft that Denver 'really liked' McCarthy.

I do not know what kind of inside stuff Peyton has, but following the Broncos' selection of Bo Nix, head coach Sean Payton had some interesting comments regarding the quarterback situation and the trade-up rumors for the Broncos ...

"I was actively involved in trying to pretend we were moving forward."

Sean Payton

Sean mentioned the 'trade up' stuff in the annual owners meeting.

Since the beginning of the draft process, it seemed that Bo Nix was the perfect guy for the Broncos and Sean Payton's system. For many, this selection was a big reach, but it was also revealed that Bo Nix was the Broncos' third quarterback in their draft board, just behind Caleb Williams and Jayden Daniels.

Sean got his guy and made the Vikings panic to trade up and get a guy the Broncos did not even want. Sean Payton was playing chess with other teams and made the Vikings panic.