College football analyst pegs perfect fit for Broncos at QB in 2024 NFL Draft

Is Bo the perfect fit for the Broncos at quarterback? Well, College Football Analyst thinks so ...
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Is Bo Nix the 'perfect' fit for the Denver Broncos going into the 2024 NFL Draft

Well, FOX Sports college football analyst Joel Klatt thinks so and had a fascinating comment regarding Bo Nix and the Denver Broncos in his podcast, The Joel Klatt Show: A CFB Pod.

Despite having Nix as his sixth-best quarterback in this year's class, Klatt mentions that Nix is a player with special talent, and mentions the Denver Broncos as 'the perfect fit' for the former Auburn Tigers and Oregon Ducks' signal caller.

Something interesting that Klatt mentions regarding Nix to Denver ...

""Denver fits him like a glove. Sean Payton fits him like a glove. I was in Sean Payton’s offense, I know Bo Nix, I know how Bo Nix was taught. This guy is NFL-ready, and I love his game, and I think Denver should draft him. He’s my 26th player overall.""

Joel Klatt

Bo Nix himself has also mentioned that he would love to play for Sean Payton ...

Not only for Klatt, Bo Nix is the perfect option for the Denver Broncos, due to multiple reasons. First of all, Nix -- alongside Michael Penix Jr. -- is one of the realistic options to be available at 12th overall, if Denver decides to stay and not move up/down. Caleb Williams is unanimously the number one pick, while Drake Maye and Jayden Daniels are likely to get drafted in the top 3 picks alongside him. Michigan's JJ McCarthy, could be a top 4 pick.

Nix is a pure pocket passer, and a very experienced quarterback with 61 career starts, something important compared to the other guys that could be options for Denver. Penix has 49 starts, McCarthy 40, Maye 30, and Jayden Daniels 55.

Regarding his qualities, Nix, as I mentioned above is a pure pocket passer, has a good release, a strong arm, great throwing on the move, is athletic, and something important that former Broncos Russell Wilson was not able to do ... good avoiding sacks!

The good thing about this ... Bo Nix will likely be available at 12th overall, and even later in the first, if the Denver Broncos would like to move down and get more capital.

Is Nix the perfect prospect for the Denver Broncos?