Russell Wilson's significant weight loss this offseason has been revealed

The veteran quarterback looks noticeably lighter this offseason, and per Albert Breer, we now know how much the veteran QB weighs
Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson / Bryan Steffy/GettyImages

Russell Wilson put on weight for the 2022 season in hopes of becoming more of a pocket passer but is now sporting a much lighter physique heading into the 2023 season with the Denver Broncos. I can't be the only one who wanted to know how much Russell Wilson weighs now, right? Wilson looked noticeably slimmer this offseason when the players returned to begin the offseason programs.

Wilson was asked about the weight loss and did confirm it, but stopped at that. He didn't say how much he now weighs, and I was personally very curious. Last year, Wilson obviously put on some weight, and this was mainly due to his desire to be more of a pocket quarterback. For years as a Seattle Seahawk, his athleticism as a QB was used.

Play-action and bootlegs were a hallmark of their offenses for years, and Russell Wilson achieved the third-highest rushing yards ever by a QB because of this offense. Wilson wanted to be a pocket passer in Denver and stand tall in the pocket. However, it became clear that Wilson is not that type of passer, and I think his playing at a heavier weight also contributed to the obvious lack of mobility we saw and maybe even the injuries as well.

Now, in 2023, Russell Wilson appears to be back in great shape. According to Albert Breer, Wilson is now at 213 pounds, and that seems to be what he's normally played at his entire career:

"But I know you want to hear about Wilson. From what I can tell, he’s been solid, he’s bought into Payton’s offense (which will likely deploy him more like he was in Seattle), and he’s down to about 213 pounds. He’s also taken a noticeably lower profile, which to me qualifies as a sign that last year humbled him a bit. Now, we’ll see if he can get closer to what prompted the Broncos to give up two first-round picks (and three later picks, and three players) for him in the first place."

Albert Breer

I don't think this is at all insignificant. The Broncos' offense is likely going to look very similar to what the Seahawks did for a decade. We should expect to see the QB on the run a lot more than what we saw last year, and it's funny because Wilson's desire to leave the Seahawks was largely due to him wanting to have a bigger load in the passing game.


And after one year of having more on his plate as a passer, I think Wilson now recognizes that there is a set offensive scheme that he is best in and has accepted that role.

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