QB Russell Wilson shows off accuracy at Broncos minicamp

Broncos QB Russell Wilson has perfect day at mandatory minicamp practice.
Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Rams
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Following the conclusion of Denver Broncos' mandatory minicamp that wrapped up just weeks ago, recent coverage informed Broncos Country of some rather encouraging news regarding their franchise quarterback.

According to news reporter for NFL Network, Omar Ruiz, QB Russell Wilson reportedly completed 16 consecutive passes during Wednesday's practice in team periods. Ruiz says of the first 16 passes, 15 were completed on comeback routes by his wide receivers and placed the ball directly in the chest of the receivers allowing them to gain additional yards after the catch. This not only shows great anticipation by Wilson, but more reluctance to work the second level of the field rather than more frequently targeting post or seam routes deep downfield.

Being in Sean Payton's offense, Wilson is going to become very comfortable with the middle of the field as Saints fans frequently saw with Drew Brees in New Orleans executing that area of the field to perfection. Ruiz also mentioned that when receivers were on the move rather than sitting down on hitch or comeback routes, Wilson demonstrated perfect ball placement and was placing balls where he anticipated his receivers to gain additional yards to move the chains.

In addition, Wilson was showing great timing, rhythm, and accuracy throughout the practice and was showing very encouraging signs of a revitalized quarterback who looks to have polished his mechanics and tools under new head coach Sean Payton. It is pretty evident early on in the offseason how crucial of an immediate impact Payton has had not only on the team as a whole but the growth of individual skill players. Already receiving news that Greg Dulcich and Courtland Sutton have looked remarkable throughout OTAs and minicamp, it is certainly rather exciting to hear the most important player on the team in Russell Wilson has looked excellent up to this point.

Coming off easily the worst season of his 11-year NFL career, Wilson is looking to have a comeback season for the ages following an injury-riddled year and a historically bad offensive staff around him.

While many believe Wilson's game has taken a massive step back, I believe it was a massive hiccup in the midst of his journey towards another championship -- one major cause for that being his confidence. It is reassuring to hear Ruiz state from a "Sean Payton-ism" that "confidence comes from demonstrated ability" when referring to Russell Wilson.

You may have heard this quote from legendary NFL head coach and 2X Super Bowl winner Bill Parcells who Payton coached under from 2003-2005 with the Dallas Cowboys. And according to reports, Payton has already spoken extensively with Parcells about "six or seven" times since he was traded to the Denver Broncos. It is rather relieving that the Broncos are in such good hands and passing down the knowledge of the great Bill Parcells to Payton and now players like Russell Wilson who are trying to maintain greatness.

For Wilson, confidence will always will be key, especially for the quarterback position that is the most difficult to play in the sport. And while he may have lost a bit of confidence at certain points during the rough 2022 season, he poses the incredible mindset and drive to turn this team around with the perfect leader behind him in Sean Payton.

Judging off the leaked news we're receiving, regarding his outstanding practices at camp, Russell Wilson seems to be back to his old ways and is in the perfect spot to make plays with the supporting cast and new offensive staff around him. It's only a matter of time before he gets his shot to prove to the world that he can replicate his success under the brightest lights.

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