Russell Wilson an ideal candidate for Season 2 of Netflix QB series

Could we see a Denver Broncos quarterback headline a potential second season of the Netflix series "Quarterback"?

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

While Netflix has yet to confirm a second season for their new hit series Quarterback, the show that gives fans an extensive view into the professional and personal lives of the NFL’s golden boys is all the craze right now.

The show’s debut season featured the likes of three different NFL quarterbacks: Patrick Mahomes II, Kirk Cousins, and Marcus Mariota, all of whom happen to be playing in different stages of their respective careers.

Given the buzz the show has generated in just its first week since its release, there is plenty of reason to believe that Netflix executives may already be looking into renewing the show for a second season.

So, the question is, should Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson be considered for a potential second season?

There is a lot to consider when thrusting such a polarizing player like Wilson under the spotlight. As well as plenty of reason to be cautious given the amount of unwarranted negative attention he received last season.

But there is no doubt that Wilson should be considered for a spot in a potential second season.

Wilson’s ability to draw crowds regardless of if it is for better or for worse, is exactly what a show like Quarterback thrives on.

Coming off his worst statistical season, Wilson will be pushing harder than ever, now with a Super Bowl-winning head coach in Sean Payton, to turn the ship around and bring the Broncos back to being competitive status. Netflix has a legit shot at capturing everything that goes on behind the scenes of a potential ‘Comeback Player of the Year' campaign for Russell Wilson.

In addition to seeing Wilson hard at work, having a spotlight on the show could prove beneficial to Wilson’s off-field perception as well.

Since leaving Seattle, Wilson seemed to be the topic of discussion in weekly NFL headlines week after week. Whether it was bitter shots from former teammates, anonymous NFL executives putting out statements about past conflicts behind closed doors, or media personalities frantically searching for ways to chime in with their two cents, Wilson was berated like no other.


A show like Quarterback could help highlight Wilson’s charity work and allow others to see him through a different lens, ‘humanize’ him, if you will.

The reality is, Wilson will be looked at under the microscope regardless. In a make-or-break season for the 34-year-old quarterback, we could witness one of the greatest comeback stories around the league or the unfortunate decline of a quarterback losing his edge.  

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