Russell Wilson's former team seems to have a quarterback problem

Code Red in the Pacific Northwest!
Russell Wilson
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Honestly, they deserve it. The Seattle Seahawks, for whom Russell Wilson played from 2012-2021, seem to have a bit of a quarterback issue on their hands. I guess Geno Smith is beginning to write back. Well, through eight games, the Seahawks are 5-3. They're a good football team, but nothing more. They have a stingy defense and a just-barely-good-enough offense.

They do have a better record than the Denver Broncos, but one thing that they don't have is stable QB play. When Russell Wilson was traded to the Broncos from the Seahawks, Geno Smith proceeded to win the QB battle and earned the QB1 job in 2022. He proceeded to light it up and won Comeback Player of the Year. He then signed a three-year extension with Seattle.

Well, in 2023, things have not gone that well for Geno Smith. Seattle has the 17th-ranked scoring offense, which is one below the Denver Broncos. Smith has thrown for just nine touchdowns on seven interceptions. His passer rating is way down from last year. It's 86.4, which is mediocre. And the Seahawks head coach, Pete Carroll, who is the de-facto GM in Seattle, had this to say when asked about Geno Smith:

This is delicious. For what it's worth, Russell Wilson has seven turnovers total the entire year. Geno Smith has eight in his last four games. LOL! I guess that's what Seattle gets for trading away their best player in franchise history. They enjoyed the year of Geno Smith playing well, but NFL teams hardly had any film on Smith playing for Seattle prior to 2022, so I think that had something to do with that.

Well now, after Russell Wilson's horrid 2022 season, the roles have reversed. Wilson's passer rating is more than 15 points higher than Smith's. Wilson has thrown seven more touchdown passes and three fewer interceptions. The Broncos' scoring offense is slightly better than Seattle's, and I bet if Denver didn't field the worst defense in NFL history the first month, this Broncos' team would be 5-3 and not 3-5.


Some may find it odd that Geno Smith not being good anymore is something I'm enjoying, but it was that same franchise that treated Russell Wilson poorly and nearly moved off of him a few years before finally doing it. The Seahawks' fanbase likely thought "Who needs Russell Wilson?" after Geno Smith's 2022 season, but now, I bet they wish they had their former QB back.

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