Denver Broncos 5 way too early offseason needs in 2024

What are the 5 biggest needs for the Broncos in the 2024 offseason?

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Despite achieving a two-game win streak heading into the bye week, the Denver Broncos still find their roster with a couple of glaring holes, particularly on the defensive side of the ball, even with the team nearly completely healthy. Therefore, looking ahead to next offseason, the Broncos will more than likely be fishing for new starters within the first two days of the draft considering the roster consists of one of the oldest groups in the entire NFL.

Depending on the outcome of the next nine games of the season, general manager George Paton has a strong chance of being relieved of his duties regardless, and with head coach Sean Payton having a final say in virtually every free agency/draft decision, there will likely be a different approach than we have seen in recent years.

Assuming the Broncos hire a new general manager in 2024, a potential shake-up in the roster is considered likely, especially with quarterback Russell Wilson's future in Denver in doubt. Despite the team currently projected for a troubling $-20.6M in 2024 cap space, it would not be a surprise to see a few veterans traded to clear the way for a replacement at a few positions. However, the draft will more than likely be Denver's avenue to retool the roster.

Denver Broncos 5 biggest offseason needs in 2024:

1. Quarterback

Hypothetically speaking, if the Broncos were to move on from Russell Wilson next offseason, which appears likely, quarterback would instantly become Denver's biggest need on the roster. The quarterback position is the most important in the sport of football and has been one that has struggled to live up to expectations for the Broncos in eight consecutive years. Despite carrying an $85M cap hit over the next two seasons, there are multiple avenues to ripping off the band-aid now on Wilson's contract rather than later when you're forced to absorb the worst portion of it.

The Broncos' defense has finally found their groove and stepped up in recent weeks against tough opponents and the run-game offensively has been stout, to say the least. The offensive line as well has also been a strength on the team and ranks out as a fringe top-10 unit. With that being said, under Sean Payton's play-calling, the Broncos are only in need of a game-managing quarterback at the moment and Wilson has even struggled to be just that at times. I think we can all agree that even though Wilson, statistically, has made a leap from 2022 to 2023, he is certainly not worth the remainder of his five-year, $245M contract. The Broncos can win the same way with a younger quarterback on a rookie contract.