Russell Wilson could set an unflattering all-time record in 2024 with Steelers

Could it happen?
New England Patriots v Denver Broncos
New England Patriots v Denver Broncos / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

Former Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson will play the 2024 NFL Season with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and he could be in line to set an all-time and unflattering NFL record. Broncos fans should know all about this, as Wilson played for the team for two seasons. In 30 total games, Wilson took a whopping 100 sacks.

Yes, 100 sacks in 30 games. That comes out to over three sacks taken per game, which is just not acceptable. Well, Russell Wilson taking sacks is not new, as he's done that his entire career. It was a problem with the Seattle Seahawks, and Wilson has actually taken no less than 33 sacks in a season.

His high was 55 in 2022 with the Denver Broncos. Well, don't look now, but Wilson has taken a total of 527 sacks, which ranks as the fifth-most all-time. The most sacks taken by a QB belongs to Fran Tarkenton, who took 570. Some simple math would tell us that Wilson would be 44 sacks away from being the most-sacked quarterback in the history of the NFL.

This unflattering all-time record is right in view for Wilson, and with the Pittsburgh Steelers iffy offensive line, it could surely happen. Across a 17-game season, Russell Wilson averages 48 sacks taken, so his career averages would tell us that he will indeed be the most sacked QB in NFL history during the 2024 NFL Season.

With Wilson only getting older, he'll only get slower and less evasive, so it's only a matter of time. The Denver Broncos did make the right decision by cutting Russell Wilson, and even with the NFL-record $85 million dead cap hit, the Broncos did the right thing.

Now, they hopefully get to enjoy the luxury of watching a quarterback who gets the ball out on time and does not take over three sacks per game.