Broncos rival finally called out for their pathetically disastrous 2024 offseason

Finally, someone says it.
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders / Candice Ward/GettyImages

It seems like the Denver Broncos are getting hammered everywhere you look from the NFL world for their offseason, but one of their rivals have done much worse. Finally, someone calls them out. The Las Vegas Raiders have had a putrid offseason thus far, but people seem to be more concerned about the Denver Broncos offseason for whatever reason.

The Broncos took a rookie quarterback who fits the offensive system they like to run and also invested modestly and smartly in free agency. However, the Las Vegas Raiders, who have had an awful offseason, don't seem to be getting the necessary criticism, until now.

Here is an article from Bleacher Report about the Raiders questionable decisions:

"Six quarterbacks were taken with the top 12 picks of the draft. The Raiders picked 13th. Kirk Cousins and Russell Wilson moved teams as veterans. The Raiders wound up with Gardner Minshew II.

While Minshew had some nice moments last year in Indianapolis and flashed at various points during previous stints with Jacksonville and Philadelphia, he's not likely a long-term franchise quarterback.

Ditto for Aidan O'Connell, who posted a mere 83.9 passer rating as a rookie fourth-round pick in 2023.

The Raiders are otherwise quite talented, but instead of investing in draft or market maneuvers to land a quarterback with an elite ceiling, they stood pat and went super conservative at the sport's most critical position.

With that 13th pick, they took a tight end despite the fact the first-round success rate at that position is extremely low and the fact they already have a talented young tight end on the roster.

And with plenty of money to spend in free agency, they took a 28-year-old zero-time All-Pro and zero-time Pro Bowler and turned him into the sixth-highest-paid defensive player in NFL history.

Very questionable all around."

Brad Gagnon

Finally someone has the guts to say it! I mean, what have the Raiders done well this offseason? They've certainly not done anything better than the Denver Broncos, and Denver's losing streak against Vegas has nothing to do with the 2024 NFL Offseason.

Time will show us just how bad of an offseason the Las Vegas Raiders have had, and it's tiring seeing the Denver Broncos getting more hate for theirs. Good on Brad Gagnon of Bleacher Report for calling them out.