Redrafting the infamous Denver Broncos 2019 NFL Draft

If the Denver Broncos got to go back in time and redo their 2019 NFL Draft, would it look any different?

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The Denver Broncos' 2019 NFL Draft was, in hindsight, a hugely impactful draft for better and for worse. If the team could go back in time and draft in 2019 again, how different would it all look? This is going to be a fun activity. The 2019 NFL Draft was a huge one for the Denver Broncos. The team had just come off a brutal 6-10 season in 2018 and moved on from Case "Keesum" after just one season.

The team needed a new identity and a potential franchise quarterback. The Broncos ended up being a pretty solid and disciplined team in 2019 with first-year coach Vic Fangio. A few last-second victories by the opponents made the Broncos' record look a bit worse than it actually was. Anyway, that was in the past.

Well, let's stay in the past for a bit and see if we can come up with a better 2019 NFL Draft for the Denver Broncos. Before all of their pick trades, they had the following picks in the first four rounds:

1st round - 10th overall
2nd round - 41st overall
3rd round - 71st overall
4th round - 125th overall

Can the Denver Broncos make something happen in the first four rounds of the 2019 NFL Draft? Let's redraft these picks and see if we can bring in a better core than Denver did in the real thing:

Redrafting the infamous Denver Broncos' 2019 NFL Draft
First round, 10th overall: Chris Lindstrom, OG

The Denver Broncos are going to hold tight with the 10th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft and select Chris Lindstrom, who has morphed into the best overall guard in football. The Atlanta Falcons took Lindstrom originally and inked him to a massive five-year contract extension this offseason. Lindstrom would have been a huge upgrade over the guard that Denver took in the second round, Dalton Risner.

Denver has had some interior offensive line troubles over the years, but perhaps having Lindstrom in the mix instead of Risner would have left the Broncos' OL in a much better spot than it has been lately.