Recent NFL head coach rankings violently disrespect Sean Payton

Sean Payton has earned more respect than this.

Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Pro Football Network unveiled their 2024 NFL head coach power rankings, and it's nothing but a huge disrespect to the Broncos' own Sean Payton. While Payton did crack the top-10, as he should, a couple of head coaches that they have ranked ahead of Payton are just baffling. Dallas Robinson ranked the 10 best head coaches in the NFL recently on Pro Football Network.

Well, Sean Payton came in as the eight-best head coach in the NFL, according to Robinson:

"Guiding the Russell Wilson-led Broncos to eight wins while flirting with the playoffs represented an accomplishment for Sean Payton. Denver may have to work through salary-cap pain before seriously competing under Payton’s watch, but contention should eventually be on the horizon."

Dallas Robinson, Pro Football Network

Robinson is right on the money here. If the Broncos do hit on a rookie QB, this team could contend as soon as 2024. However, ranking one slot above Sean Payton is Matt LaFleur of the Green Bay Packers. And ranking No. 6 is Jim Harbaugh of the Los Angeles Chargers.

Excuse me?

I'm not sure what LaFleur or Harbaugh have done to warrant being ranked above Sean Payton, and this is especially true for Harbaugh, who has not coached in the NFL for a decade.

Yes, Jim Harbaugh was a very good head coach, but that was 10 whopping years ago, so putting Harbaugh in the top 10 and above most head coaches in the NFL is hugely disrespectful. And Matt LaFleur being ranked above Sean Payton is also a bit puzzling. Yes, LaFleur is a very good head coach, but I could argue that a lot of his success at the beginning of his HC career was more due to Aaron Rodgers.

And neither Harbaugh nor LaFleur have the track record that Payton does. The 2023 Broncos were arguably one of the most improved teams in the NFL from the previous year, and that was clearly due to Sean Payton and the strong staff he bought. Hopefully another improvement into 2024 can get Sean Payton higher up in these rankings.