Recent Dalvin Cook news bodes very well for the Denver Broncos

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A report from Jeff Darlington of ESPN indicates that the Miami Dolphins offered Dalvin Cook a contract that he rejected. Could this help out the Denver Broncos in some way? The report indicated that both Cook and the Dolphins have mutual interest in each other, but the contract that's been offered to him by Miami doesn't appear to be good enough.

The segment from Darlington can be seen here:

Everything does seem to indicate that the Miami Dolphins are Dalvin Cook's first choice. The Pro Bowl running back was cut after six seasons by the Minnesota Vikings and is from Miami, so the interest in the Dolphins is obvious. Cook has had four straight seasons of rushing for at least 1,100 yards and is set to enter his age-28 season in the NFL.

It's not out of the realm of possibility that Cook has another three strong years left before the RB age wall hits him. The Denver Broncos remain a logical landing spot for Dalvin Cook because of the uncertainty of Javonte Williams and his knee injury rehab and also because they don't have another viable RB on the roster.

George Paton likely also had a big hand in drafting Cook back in 2017, so I'm sure Cook is a fan of Paton. Furthermore, I bet there are quite a few offensive players who'd love to play for Sean Payton as well, so maybe the Denver Broncos can do some digging, figure out what kind of offer Cook rejected from the Dolphins, and offer him a stronger contract.

Cook would also likely get more of a workload in Denver than he would in Miami. If Cook still does care about his own stats, which is perfectly reasonable, he may not want to sacrifice too many carries. The Dolphins' backfield is quite busy and they have a plethora of pass catchers, so you have to wonder how much work Dalvin Cook would actually get in the pass-first Dolphins' offense.

The Denver Broncos, on the other hand, figure to be a run-first team with a solid offensive line, at least, an OL that is much better than the Dolphins' unit on paper. Not only would Cook likely get a ton more carries in Denver than he would Miami, he'd be running behind a stronger OL and a coach that has consistently fielded above-average OL units.

The Denver Broncos need to make a strong offer for Dalvin Cook.

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