Denver Broncos 3 trade ideas with the Arizona Cardinals for 2023

Could the Denver Broncos strike up a deal with the rebuilding Arizona Cardinals in 2023?
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One of the more vulnerable teams in the NFL is the Arizona Cardinals. Could the Denver Broncos try to strike a potential trade with this rebuilding team? A new era is present in Arizona and the Cardinals have kicked off what could be a pretty long rebuild.

They've got the worst roster in the NFL by a mile and aren't going to be competitive for the next two years, at least. It'd be in the Cardinals' best interest to acquire as many draft picks as possible to enhance their chances of acing this rebuild.

The Denver Broncos have retooled their roster this offseason and installed a new head coach. It's clear that the team is gearing up to try and win a ton of games in the 2023 NFL season. Even though the Broncos' roster is solid, they could still benefit by making a trade or two.

Could the Broncos use the Cardinals as partners? What are some trade possibilities with this team?

Denver Broncos three trade ideas with the Arizona Cardinals for 2023

1. Denver Broncos trade for RB James Conner

Sitting at the top of the Cardinals' RB depth chart is James Conner, a 28-year-old back who has also played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and was drafted by them in the 2017 NFL Draft. Conner has turned into an effective running back in the NFL.

He's rushed for 3,836 yards over his six-year career and has scored 52 total touchdowns. The Cardinals are also paying Conner about $7 million per season, and his cap hit is over $9 million this year. The running back position simply does not have a ton of value in the NFL anymore, especially for a rebuilding team like Arizona.

The Broncos could benefit by adding Conner to their backfield. He is a true RB2 and has receiving ability as well, catching 207 total passes, with catching as many as 55 in 2018. He'd be a solid boost to the RB room that may or may not get Javonte Williams back for week one.

Conner is better than Samaje Perine, and the trio of Williams, Conner, and Perine would be the best in the NFL and would reinforce the idea of Denver being a run-first team in 2023.