Ranking the Broncos' last 10 first-round draft picks

Arguably the best and worst picks in Denver Broncos history have happened within their last 10 first-round picks.

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3. Garett Bolles, OT, Utah (2017)

Although things may have been rocky for him throughout the first handful of years of his NFL career, Garett Bolles has truly become a staple at the left tackle position for the Denver Broncos. He had a breakout year in 2020 for the Broncos and earned a big-money contract in the middle of the season.

Although he has never played at a truly "elite" level consistently, Bolles has been very good. He's been consistently available, he's improved substantially, and he's been reliable. In terms of pure talent, he might be ranked one spot too high but his longevity in Denver gives him an edge over the next player on our list.

4. Bradley Chubb, EDGE, NC State (2018)

The Denver Broncos may have made a bit of a mistake by taking Bradley Chubb over Josh Allen in the 2018 NFL Draft, but that's neither here nor there at this point. Bradley Chubb was considered the superior prospect back in 2018, and he made an immediate impact in Denver. He racked up 12 sacks as a rookie and challenged Jevon Kearse's rookie sack record (14.5). He and Von Miller were supposed to form a new dynamic duo off the edge for Denver but Chubb suffered a season-ending injury four-games into the 2019 season.

When Chubb came back in 2020, Von Miller suffered a season-ending injury and missed most of the year. By the time these two were both healthy again, the Broncos shipped off Miller to the Los Angeles Rams.

Chubb was traded during the 2022 season to the Miami Dolphins, where he earned a big-money contract. He had 11.0 sacks and a career-high six forced fumbles last season.