Ranking all of the Denver Broncos starting quarterbacks post-Manning

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Oh boy, won't this be fun? Let's take a stab at ranking all of the quarterbacks the Denver Broncos have started since Peyton Manning retired. The 2015 season was quite magical, and it seems as if the organization sold its soul for that Super Bowl.

Since then, it's been painful, to say the least. The Broncos have trotted out what seems like 329 different starting quarterbacks since the beginning of the 2016 season. To be exact, Denver has used 12 different starting quarterbacks, and many of us convinced ourselves that in some way shape, or form, they could have been "the guy" if things fell the right way.

So, let's rank the 12 starting quarterbacks the Denver Broncos have used since Peyton Manning retired.

Ranking the 12 starting quarterbacks since the Peyton Manning retirement
12. Paxton Lynch

The Denver Broncos first-round pick in 2016, Paxton Lynch was supposed to be the guy to replace Peyton Manning. He began his career by losing out to Trevor Siemian in two straight offseason quarterback duels.

He started four games in Denver, playing in five, and earned a 1-3 record, throwing for four touchdowns and four interceptions in the process. This was a colossally bad draft pick and perhaps one of the worst in the NFL over the last decade.

11. Kendall Hinton

When the entire Denver Broncos' quarterback room was ruled out because of COVID restrictions, Kendall Hinton, a college quarterback converted to wide receiver, was thrust into the lineup against the New Orleans Saints.

It wasn't pretty, and Hinton likely never expected to be playing quarterback in the NFL in those circumstances.

10. Brett Rypien

I was so confused as to why the Denver Broncos kept Brett Rypien on the roster. He must be stellar in the locker room or in quarterback meetings. He's an embarrassingly bad quarterback who started three games for Denver, going 2-1 in those starts. He threw four touchdowns against eight interceptions.