Raiders are paying shocking amount of money for recently fired personnel

According to Adam Schefter, the Las Vegas Raiders are paying Jon Gruden and McDaniels an insane amount of money to NOT coach the team
Denver Broncos
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If nothing else, the Las Vegas Raiders always seem to be dysfunctional. Well, a report from Adam Schefter indicates that the team is paying an insane amount of money for the personnel they recently fired. The one thing you should know about NFL head coaches is that their contracts are fully guaranteed, so when a team fires a head coach, well, they are still on the hook for their salary.

Firing a head coach itself is something no team wants to do. It's an admittance of failure that the organization did not hire the right guy. Across the NFL, there are around five-ish head coaches fired each year, and most recently, Josh McDaniels was the first installment in 2023 of a coach to be fired.

This comes only a couple of years after the Raiders fired Jon Gruden from the same position. Well, it was widely reported that Gruden had signed a 10-year, $100 million contract with the Las Vegas Raiders, so he was being paid elite head coach money right off the bat.

While we may never know the true amount, Adam Schefter is reporting that the Raiders are currently enduring a cost of $85 million for the firings of McDaniels, GM Dave Ziegler, and other assistant coaches. Here's more of what Schefter had to say:

""Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis demonstrated again this week that he will not let money influence how he operates his franchise.

The firings of head coach Josh McDaniels, general manager Dave Ziegler and some of the coaching staff will cost Davis approximately $85 million, league sources told ESPN.

Some of those costs will be defrayed by offsets and mitigation, but the firings were, as one source described to ESPN, "an expensive move nonetheless."

The costs didn't stop there for the Raiders, who also reworked the contracts of interim head coach Antonio Pierce and interim GM Champ Kelly.""

Adam Schefter

Guys, this is absolutely hilarious. Sure, the Broncos and Raiders have the same record, and sure, the Broncos did just fire three head coaches between the 2018-2022 seasons, but the Raiders just seem to one-up the Broncos in dysfunction, which is awesome. Now, the team will trot out Antonio Pierce as the interim HC and Champ Kelly as the interim GM.


I don't expect the Raiders to win more than a few games the rest of the year, so hopefully, Denver can get a nice win when the two meet again in Week 18.

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