Projecting the Denver Broncos starting offense after the 2024 NFL Draft

Is this how the Denver Broncos offense will look to begin the 2024 NFL Season?
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Offensive Line: Garett Bolles / Ben Powers / Alex Forsyth / Quinn Meinerz / Mike McGlinchey

The only change from the 2023 starters will be the center position, and Denver realistically has four players that could win it. The incumbents for 2024 are Luke Wattenberg and Alex Forsyth. The team brought in two potential options as well with a free agency signing of Sam Mustipher and a draft pick of Nick Gargiulo.

Right now, I'd actually be surprised if Alex Forsyth did not win this job. He snapped balls to Broncos QB Bo Nix in 2022 at Oregon, so there is definitely some chemistry present. And I tend to think that Forsyth, even though he was a seventh-round draft pick, has a ton of great tools to be a starter in the NFL.

He's extremely intelligent, has adequate size, and was quite the brick wall during his time in college. The other cool thing here too is that the iOL is typically a position that has a higher "hit rate" from college to the pros, so I would not put a ton of stock into Forsyth being a seventh-round pick.

Now ideally, I believe the best scenario is signing free agent OC Connor Williams, who last played for the Miami Dolphins, but it seems as if Denver is fully comfortable with their center room at this point.

Overall, Broncos Country, while this offense might not have the most elite players, it appears to be a strong unit and one that could make some progress in 2024.