Projecting the Denver Broncos starting defense after the 2024 NFL Draft

What can we expect the defense to look like after the 2024 NFL Draft?
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Inside Linebackers: Alex Singleton, Cody Barton

Not much to talk about here, as the Denver Broncos did lose Josey Jewell in free agency but did sign Cody Barton, a similar player who figures to start next to Alex Singleton. Second-year player Drew Sanders may begin to settle into this ILB unit, and the Broncos should hopefully get Jonas Griffith back from injury. Griffith has the highest ceiling of any player in this unit and has looked good when he can stay on the field.

The potential duo of Sanders/Griffith might end up being a future starting lineup, but as of now, I believe that we'll see Alex Singleton and Cody Barton, two tackling machines, manning the middle of the Denver Broncos defense in 2024.

Cornerbacks: Patrick Surtain II, Levi Wallace

The Denver Broncos are going to be in a ton of different defensive packages throughout the season, much like other teams. The Broncos do run a base 3-4 defense, which means in this base, there are two starting CBs and two starting safeties. The Broncos do run some nickel, which means they have a fifth defensive back, so in that case, you'd also likely see Ja'Quan McMillian on the field as well.

Anyway, the Broncos added Levi Wallace, a competent veteran CB in free agency and also drafted Kris Abrams-Draine in the 2024 NFL Draft, who comes into a young secondary that features McMillian, Riley Moss, and Damarri Mathis as well. It's a youth movement in this unit for the Broncos, but I believe that Levi Wallace ends up earning the starting job while the youngsters develop.

Safeties: Brandon Jones, PJ Locke III

Brandon Jones is the big change here, coming over in free agency from the Miami Dolphins, and he effectively replaces Justin Simmons' roster spot. The Denver Broncos also re-signed PJ Locke III, who proved to be not only a competent safety, but also a player who can play close to the line of scrimmage, which is crucial for defensive backs in Vance Joseph's defense.

The primary backups here would likely be Caden Sterns and perhaps JL Skinner. The safety room for the Denver Broncos certainly has some youth, which is nice, and while it's not the high-end unit it once was a few years ago with Justin Simmons and Kareem Jackson, it should be able to hold its own.