Projecting Denver Broncos Awards, from MVP to Most Exciting Player

Which Denver Broncos player will be MVP in 2023? Most exciting?

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Top Offensive Player

Jerry Jeudy. Jerry Jeudy. player. 45. . . Wide Receiver . . Most Exciting Player. 10

If there is one offensive player that will break out this season under Payton, it'll be Jerry Jeudy. With all the offense and coaching changes that have occurred since he has been in Denver, Jeudy has still managed to do something out of nothing. Jeudy is third in Denver Broncos history for most receiving yards in his first three seasons. He passed Ashley Lelie (2,237) and Demaryius Thomas (2,268) as he recorded 2,294 receiving yards in his first three seasons with the Denver Broncos. Now that he has Payton as his head coach, the breakout year has arrived for Jeudy.

Jeudy had an incredible year despite missing four games due to freak injuries. His 2022-23 season was a career year, and he recorded the following:

  • 67 Receptions (Career High)
  • 972 Receiving Yards (Career High)
  • 6 Receiving TDs (Career High)
  • 1,012 Scrimmage Yards (Career High)
  • 64.8 Receiving Yards per Game (Career High)

Jeudy has had a great training camp and shined in the first preseason game under Payton. He'll be the top offensive player for the Broncos and have a career year.

Top Defensive Player

2. player. 45. . . . Pat Surtain II. Top Defensive Player. Cornerback. Pat Surtain II

The defense has a lot of great players on that side of the ball, but Pat Surtain II will be the best defensive player this season. He has proved himself to the league that he is the top cornerback, and he'll only continue to get better. Surtain was voted the 49th best player in the NFL Top 100 list. That is the highest praise a player can receive, as their peers are the voters of the list.

Opposing receivers have not done well going against Surtain and nothing will change that. Another year in the league and another season of growth, Surtain will have his best year yet under Joseph. Broncos Country can expect for "PS2" to record career-best numbers in interceptions and pass break-ups this season.