Price tag on Broncos superstar just went up astronomically thanks to Bucs

Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

On Monday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made their do-it-all safety, Antoine Winfield Jr, the highest-paid defensive back in NFL history. The Broncos picked up the fifth-year option for Surtain, but since the team didn't trade him during the 2024 NFL Draft, even though some reports suggested they could, it's a no-brainer what the team is going to do at some point.

Surtain is likely going to get an insanely rich contract extension, as he's already entering his fourth NFL season but is just set to play in his age-24 campaign. He may have another seven years of prime football in front of him. And while the Broncos will have to spend a ton of money to retain Surtain on a long-term deal, that's a good thing. It's great that the Broncos have an elite enough player to write him a large check.

In fact, we should all hope that Bo Nix signs a $70 million per year deal a few years down the road with Denver. Anyway, Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety Antoine Winfield Jr just signed a four-year, $84.1 million deal, which makes him the highest paid DB in NFL history.

The deal is worth $21.025 million per season, which just eclipses Jaire Alexander's deal with the Packers. That pact is worth $21 million per season. For the Denver Broncos, you have to figure that the floor for a Pat Surtain II extension may be $22 million per year, and Surtain's side has every reason to push that number higher and higher.

But again, this isn't a bad thing. It's nice that the Broncos have Surtain to pay, and hopefully the team does the same with stud OG Quinn Meinerz in the coming months, or next year at some point. Perhaps the Denver Broncos and Pat Surtain II are currently working on a deal. You have to figure that the contract is coming soon and is going to perhaps be a five-year deal.

With Surtain being as young as he still is, he may want a longer deal. However, on the flip side of this, a shorter deal allows the player to cash in quicker. QB Kirk Cousins has mastered this. He's never signed a deal longer than three years until he signed with the Atlanta Falcons for four. Surtain and his camp may want a four-year deal maximum, as that could satisfy the team's desire for long-term commitment and the player's side for ample earning potential.