Predicting major stat leaders for the Denver Broncos in the 2023 season

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The Denver Broncos are set to be a much-improved team in the 2023 season, but the question remains how much? Let's do some predictions for both sides of the ball. If there was ever a perfect example of what cautious optimism looks like, I'd say the 2023 Denver Broncos are going to be just that.

The organization has changed so much from just one calendar year ago, and many of the changes look to be for the better. Sean Payton was a sensational hire, and the additions in free agency and the 2023 NFL Draft are also very encouraging. There is still quite a bit of time before the beginning of the season and a lot can happen before then, but I remain cautiously optimistic that this team can rebound.

Let's predict who ends up leading the team in the major statistical categories for the upcoming season, on offense and on defense.

Predicting major stat leaders for the Denver Broncos in the 2023 season - Offense

Passing Yards - Russell Wilson

Shocker, but Russell Wilson will lead the Denver Broncos in passing yards. Given that the offense is probably going to be a run-heavy unit, I don't think we'll see Wilson fill up the stat sheet. I think Payton may give Wilson more on his plate throughout the season if he proves he can handle it, but if Wilson finished with something like 3,900 passing yards, I would not be surprised.

Rushing Yards - Javonte Williams

I was so tempted to put Dalvin Cook here, but I don't think he ends up signing with the Denver Broncos. Given that Williams appears to be on track to be back in the lineup come week one, I think he'll gradually take over that bell-cow role. At the beginning of the season, I wouldn't be surprised if the carries were 60/40 in favor of Samaje Perine, but Williams should gradually gain most of those back.

I'm not sure if he'll hit 1,000 yards, but I think he can get close.

Receiving Yards - Jerry Jeudy

Jerry Jeudy is going to be the top target in the passing game for the Denver Broncos. He led the team in receiving yards last year and finished the year on a high note. I'd look for him to be targeted early and often in 2023, quickly establishing himself as one of the top 15 receivers in the NFL. Given that Denver does have a good bit of pass catchers, I think Jeudy tops out at 1,100 yards, but either way, he'll lead the team again.

I'm also going to not necessarily elaborate on receiving and rushing touchdowns, because I think Williams and Jeudy end up leading the Broncos in both of those categories as well.