Predicting landing spots for Broncos free agents in 2024

The Denver Broncos have a number of notable free agents in 2024. Where are they landing?

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The Denver Broncos have a number of notable free agents in 2024, including starters on both sides of the ball. As of right now, the Broncos are not in the best shape as it relates to their 2024 salary cap space, but there are ways they'll be able to still be aggressive in the 2024 offseason to upgrade the roster.

But how many of their own will they be able to keep?

Maybe the better question at this point is -- how many of their own free agents will the Broncos want to keep? Sean Payton is the final decision-maker when it comes to the roster as a whole, although George Paton is still the team's general manager. This offseason's free agency includes a mixture of players drafted or signed by John Elway and George Paton, as well as some of the short-term deals for guys brought in specifically by Payton.

Let's take a look at the rundown of the Broncos' free agents and where each player could land.

1. Lloyd Cushenberry III, Center: Philadelphia Eagles

There are a lot of factors here for a team like the Philadelphia Eagles, including where else they may allocate assets in the 2024 offseason, but they make some sense as a landing spot for Lloyd Cushenberry III.

Jason Kelce is currently the team's starting center and is obviously very good at his job, but at this point you can't help but wondering how much longer he's going to want to play. He's currently on a year-to-year thing and if the 2023 season is his final one, then Cushenberry could be a fit for the Eagles.

The Eagles have gone after a number of former Denver Broncos players in the last couple of seasons and part of the reason for that is because former Denver Broncos VP of Player Personnel Matt Russell is in the Eagles' front office. Russell's last year in Denver was back in 2020 when the Broncos drafted Cushenberry.

I think Cushenberry will make himself some good money after a strong 2023 season in Denver.