Predicting landing spots for Denver Broncos trade candidates

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- Predicting Denver Broncos trade candidate landing spots

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Pat Surtain II: Dolphins, Bills, 49ers, Lions, Cowboys, Ravens

I don't think anyone on the Denver Broncos roster is untouchable, but I would be willing to bet they'd rather just stick with Pat Surtain II as a building block as opposed to giving him up for a bargain price. The Broncos could recoup an insane number of assets by trading Pat Surtain II at this year's deadline, and I wouldn't put it past them to be able to get about the draft capital they received in the Russell Wilson trade.

Remember the Jalen Ramsey trade out of Jacksonville a few years back. Ramsey was in the final year of his contract at the time, and was openly trying to get out of Jacksonville. He was also injured. Well, none of those factors exist for Pat Surtain. Surtain has multiple years left on his rookie deal. He is healthy, he's at the top of his game, and maybe the best player at his position in the NFL.

The Broncos could get multiple first-round picks and multiple day two selections, perhaps a player on top of it, for Surtain's services. Especially from teams that might be desperate or in a clear contending window, I think there's a chance the Broncos could get blown away by an offer for Surtain.

Is it all that likely? Not really, but getting multiple additional first-round picks and day two picks would truly allow this team to reset. Would it be painful to do so without Surtain? Yes. But that's the price you might have to pay to recoup those much-needed assets.

Teams like Buffalo could be desperate enough, given the season-ending injury to Tre'Davious White. The Dolphins haven't seen a trade they didn't like in the last couple of years, and they have obvious ties to Denver and Surtain.

The Dallas Cowboys lost Trevon Diggs for the season, and they might need to make a bold trade like this to remain in contention.


How about the San Francisco 49ers, who have one of the best players in the league at every other position on their roster besides cornerback?

Don't be shocked if the Denver Broncos keep Surtain, but you hear about major offers that came in for him down the road. The Broncos will have to weigh whether or not they'd be better off trading Surtain for top dollar now, or waiting until the offseason when teams might know their intent is to move on and rebuild even more clearly.

Prediction: Blockbuster, multiple 1sts, multiple Day 2 picks

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