5 Pat Surtain II trade destinations at 2023 NFL trade deadline

Could the Denver Broncos end up trading star CB Pat Surtain II?

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If the Denver Broncos drop to 1-5 on Thursday night against the Kansas City Chiefs, things could start changing in a hurry in the Mile High City. The Broncos' 2023 season is on life support at this point, and in Week 6 at Arrowhead, things could get to a really dark point if they lose again.

And by dark point, I mean they might have to start considering things like trading away Pat Surtain II. Surtain is an amazing player, arguably the best in the entire NFL at his position. Although that's a great luxury to have on the roster, it might just be exactly that -- a luxury.

While the Denver Broncos may not be actively shopping Pat Surtain II, I do believe teams might come calling with offers that would be really hard to turn down, offers that could set the Broncos up with tremendous (and much-needed) NFL Draft capital for the next couple of years.

5 trade destinations for Denver Broncos CB Pat Surtain II

1. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys lost star cornerback Trevon Diggs to a season-ending injury and over time, that's going to seriously affect their ability to win big games. The Cowboys haven't exactly been "torched" in the passing game by any team this season (only one game with 250 passing yards allowed) but again, this is a loss that is going to look worse and worse over time, especially as the Cowboys try to keep up with the Eagles in the NFC East.

Dallas could make a ton of sense both in the short and long term for a player like Pat Surtain and if they are truly all in on this season, making an aggressive trade like this could make a lot of sense. The Cowboys typically covet their first-round picks and they do a good job with investing in them, but they might be willing to do a trade like this for the right player, and there was a lot of smoke connecting the Cowboys and PS2 in 2021 when he was coming out of Alabama.