Predicting landing spots for Denver Broncos trade candidates

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- Predicting Denver Broncos trade candidate landing spots

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Jerry Jeudy: Panthers, Eagles, or 49ers

If Jerry Jeudy is on the trade block for the Denver Broncos (and I suspect he is), I'd be a little shocked if a variety of teams don't come calling. The Carolina Panthers have been rumored to be shopping for available wide receivers and Jeudy might be one of the most realistically available guys for them right now.

Jeudy would be a nice pickup for the Panthers' offense and young quarterback Bryce Young. Obviously, the Panthers traded up to get Bryce Young in this year's draft, sending their 2024 first-round pick to Chicago in the process. As of right now, they are the only 0-5 team in the NFL and they need to do everything within their power to make sure they don't send the Chicago Bears the no. 1 overall pick in the Caleb Williams draft.

Given the fact that the Panthers have no reason, at this point, to tank, they make a lot of sense for Jerry Jeudy, but so do teams like the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers, who are seemingly always in the market to make trades like this. Imagine Jeudy with an organization like Philadelphia or San Francisco right now...

He might explode with either of those franchises, and that would be great for him. I could see any variety of teams getting in the mix for Jeudy, but I would expect Scott Fitterer (Panthers GM) to probably be the most aggressive. Unless Howie Roseman (Eagles) or John Lynch (49ers) offers a 2nd-round pick, I think the Broncos would take Carolina's third in a heartbeat for Jeudy.

Prediction: 2nd-3rd round value