Predicting which Denver Broncos WRs will be with the team in three years

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The Question Mark: KJ Hamler

For KJ Hamler, it feels like he still hasn't even gotten his feet set as a Bronco. After playing sparingly his rookie year, the speed threat from Penn State blew out most all of his knee early in his second year, was injured again a ton in his third year, and is now entering his fourth year as a possible fifth receiver on the depth chart. Plenty of hype followed Hamler into Denver, specifically as the slot threat to compete with outside targets Jeudy, Patrick, and Sutton.

However, things have simply not worked out for Hamler. He compiled just 165 receiving yards last year on seven receptions. He appeared in just seven games and was injured for the other games on the team's slate. After making it into 13 games his freshman year, he has made just 10 active appearances over the last two years. Considering the pedigree that follows Marvin Mims into Denver and the amo the Broncos traded up to get him, it is fair to wonder if he already places above Hamler on the depth chart.

Hamler will also miss the beginning of the 2023 program following an upper-body procedure, which is good news in terms of his continued recovery from a gauntlet of leg injuries over the last few years. However, this would be the second camp in a row that he will not be starting on time, and could even push him into a spot where he is on the outside looking in for a roster spot, especially if Marquez Callaway has an inside track based on his history with Sean Payton. KJ Hamler hasn't been able to reach his full potential with the Broncos, but it might just be time for the Broncos and Hamler to go their separate ways.

Prediction: Hamler will not be on the 2025 Broncos, let alone the 2023 team. He is off the roster before the team breaks camp this fall.

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