Predicting the Denver Broncos starting offense for the 2024 NFL Season

With the NFL Draft just days away, let's try to predict what the Broncos starting offense looks like.
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With the opportunity for a few starting spots on offense to look different, let's try to predict the Denver Broncos starting offense for the 2024 NFL Season. The most recent news coming out that pertains here is Courtland Sutton holding out from voluntary workouts over his contract situation. Sutton has been in trade talks here and there and was nearly dealt to the Baltimore Ravens last offseason.

In the first round, the Broncos took Bo Nix, a fine QB prospect from Oregon. We can figure that Nix will settle into the starting lineup for the team, as I just do not see any other scenario where he doesn't start; the Broncos did not draft a rookie QB to not play him, and with how many rookie QBs do start immediately, there shouldn't be anything different with Nix.

Beyond him, though, let's predict the rest of the team's starting offense.

Quarterback: Bo Nix

Here we go! The Denver Broncos selected Bo Nix with their 12th overall pick in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft. Nix was apparently the third-ranked QB on their board, and contrary to popular belief, Denver did not trade up or down; they stood pat at their 12th pick and seemed to happily take Nix, who is going to start Week 1 for the team.

I also predict that Jarrett Stidham will be cut and Zach Wilson earns the QB2 role, which could give the Broncos one of the youngest QB rooms in the NFL.