Predicting the Denver Broncos' starting offense in 2023

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Predicting the Denver Broncos' starting offense in 2023 - Skill players

Jerry Jeudy, Tim Patrick, Courtland Sutton

Tim Patrick should be a full-go when week one kicks off. He'd be about 13 months post-ACL injury, which should be plenty of time for Patrick to return to form. He does turn 30 this year but his value is noticeable when he's on the field.

For all the talks about the Broncos trading Jerry Jeudy and/or Courtland Sutton, they remain on the team and are starters for the 2023 season. A healthy trio of Patrick, Jeudy, and Sutton in a Sean Payton offense could be truly great and I don't think either is traded at this point.

Greg Dulcich

The Denver Broncos appear to be doing their homework on tight ends in 2023, which makes sense since this tight end draft class is so strong. The team added Chris Manhertz, a true blocking tight end to the mix and also have Albert Okwuegbunam and Greg Dulcich on the depth chart.

I think Albert O ends up somewhere else in 2023 and also believe that Denver does draft another tight end, but I don't think they end up as the starter quite yet.

Dalvin Cook

This is my first bold prediction for the Denver Broncos' starting offense for the 2023 season. The Vikings are apparently working through what to do with Dalvin Cook, and it seems that an outright release is firmly on the table. George Paton, who was part of the coalition that drafted Dalvin Cook back in 2017, cannot resist the opportunity to bring Cook to Denver. He turns 28 in August and has four straight Pro Bowls and four straight 1,000-yard rushing seasons.

How would this starting lineup of skill players rank among NFL teams? I'd say top 12, at least.