PFF's favorite and least favorite offseason moves by the Broncos

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PFF unveiled their favorite and least favorite moves for all 32 teams and have a very interesting take on the Denver Broncos and their 2023 offseason. I do think they hit the nail on the head for their "favorite" offseason move by the Broncos.

No matter who you ask, no team will ever have a perfect offseason, and being very active or not active at all in the offseason does not guarantee success. There is no legitimate, winning formula during offseasons, but the Broncos do appear to have put themselves in a nice position for the future.

What did PFF have to say about the Broncos' offseason?

PFF's favorite move from the Broncos' offseason:
"Going back to what made Russell Wilson work in Seattle"

Here's what they had to say about this:

"Sean Payton has enough cache to do whatever he wants in his new role, and he’s made it clear he wants to run the football a ton and then utilize play action to take deep shots with Russell Wilson. Many believed this was holding Wilson back in Seattle, myself included, but we could not have been more wrong. Payton brought in right tackle Mike McGlinchey as opposed to a more established pass-blocking tackle, tried to sign blocking wide receiver Allen Lazard and signed Samaje Perine to hold down the fort while Javonte Williams recovers from a torn ACL."

Brad Spielberger

Signing Mike McGlinchey and Ben Powers, two excellent run-blocking offensive linemen is a huge signal that Denver plans to do just that. Samaje Perine is a hard-nosed runner and we know that the team was also in on Allen Lazard, who excels as a blocker.

Running the ball to then utilize play action is precisely what helped Russell Wilson achieve success in Seattle, and it's clear that the offense is going to move toward that scheme for at least as long as Wilson is here.

PFF's least favorite move from the Broncos' offseason:
"Seemingly ignoring market values"

Here is what PFF had to say about their least favorite move from the Broncos:

"One could argue the deals for tackle Mike McGlinchey, guard Ben Powers and interior defender Zach Allen were among the richest deals for players this offseason. All are good players who will make an impact in Denver, but the club didn’t seem all that interested in getting good value."

Brad Spielberger

I think this reason is kind of silly, honestly. Denver clearly wanted to be active in free agency, and free agency does come with showing the willingness to open up the checkbooks to land certain players. It's not that the Broncos ignored the market value for these players, but merely paid what the market was indicating.

Sure, they may seem like an overpay to some, but my goodness, this is how free agency has worked for years now. Players do sign very rich deals during this period. That's just how free agency works. As the NFL cap space increases, the contract value increases as well. But, guess what? In two years, the contracts handed out for Ben Powers, Mike McGlinchey, and Zach Allen won't seem as expensive as they do now.

I don't think the Broncos overwhelmingly overpaid for any of their three richest deals; they just paid what the market dictated.

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