People are letting 2022 get in the way of just how good Russell Wilson has been

Russell Wilson has been one of the most efficient QBs in football this year, and people still don't seem to be acknowledging it.

Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears
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Whether it's people firing off horribly inaccurate tweets or Russell Wilson being ranked too low in QB rankings, it's clear that people are letting 2022 cloud their judgement on 2023 Russell Wilson. This is getting marvelously annoying to have to see and deal with, especially as someone who covers the team.

Anyway, people seem to be letting Russell Wilson's 2022 season get in the way of just how good he's been in 2023, and I also think those same people are looking at the Broncos' 1-3 record and somehow assuming that Wilson is not playing well based on that. It's getting ridiculous at this point. Let's start with a few examples of Russell Wilson not being ranked high enough in various QB rankings. Sure, all these rankings are subjective, but that's not really the point.

Here are some links to these power rankings as well. This one is from CBS Sports.

Here's one from Pro Football Network, who, for some reason, rank Anthony Richardson and Joe Burrow above Russell Wilson. There are also people out there who are either trolling or are horribly misinformed about how good Russell Wilson has been:

This is all just football malpractice. It's truly inexcusable, and people need to be held accountable for their massive mistakes here. Russell Wilson in 2023 is third in passer rating, tied for second in passing touchdowns, and ninth in passing yards. He's thrown at least one touchdown pass in every game this year, and has three games of multiple touchdown passes in 2023.

Currently, he's on pace to throw for 38 touchdowns and 4,310 yards. That would be one of the most productive seasons of his Hall of Fame career. Not only do I think people are carrying over his 2022 performance for some reason, but I also think people are looking beyond the player in this.

Russell Wilson definitely has a very positive, perhaps sometimes cringy personality, and I think that turns people off for some reason. He's almost never negative and seems to care a ton about his own image. For some, that seems to be a bit of a turn-off, and I think that is impacting how they view Wilson.

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The truth is, though, is that Russell Wilson is playing amazing football in 2023. The Denver Broncos are 10th in the NFL in scoring and are only losing games because of their inept defense. Wilson needs more love from the NFL media.