Jerry Jeudy's tenure with the Denver Broncos coming to an end?

Is Broncos WR Jerry Jeudy's time in Denver coming to a sudden end?

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With the Denver Broncos now sitting at a 1-3 record on the new season along with a pair of cryptic tweets coming from their star wideout, a shake-up in the team's wide receiver room may be coming sooner rather than later. It is unclear whether or not Jerry Jeudy's tweets have any correlation to a potential frustration with the team/coaching staff however, if it does, this could be a sign of displeasure with the organization and potentially lead to a trade request in the near future.

Through his first three games of the season, the former first-round pick has received just 17 targets and reeled in 11 receptions for 158 yards and zero touchdowns. QB Russell Wilson and head coach Sean Payton have failed to implement Jeudy in their game-plan week in and week out thus making it difficult for the fourth-year receiver to have the breakout season all Broncos fans envisioned for him.

Jeudy, 24, is currently on pace for 59 receptions and just 843 receiving yards this season. Entering the 2023 season, Jeudy was nursing a hamstring injury that eventually ruled him out of the season opener against the division rival Las Vegas Raiders. However, after quickly making a return from the injury, the excitement for Jeudy was knowing that for the first time in his NFL career, he has a competent offensive play-caller in Sean Payton. But through the first three games he has appeared in, Jeudy has found himself wide open all over the field on multiple occasions but has yet to become a main focal point of the receiving game.

In fact, WR Courtland Sutton, who has nowhere near the level of talent Jeudy possesses, has received six more targets in the last three contests. For a WR who is so talented at creating separation and making life easier on the QB to hit his open receiver, it is quite egregious that he almost never receives the looks he deserves. Jeudy has fixed the drop issues, possesses elite traits as a route runner, has underrated hands, and has shown encouraging flashes as a receiver after the catch. Yet, Courtland Sutton is the main target.

While the offense may be finding their groove averaging 25 points per game, the offense could be even more successful with the inclusion of Jerry Jeudy in their game-plan. Other receivers around the NFL have the leisure of being in a system that is specifically designed to force feed them the ball however, has not been the case for Jeudy at all through the first four years of his time in Denver. When you look at the situation in totality, the Denver Broncos' organization has undoubtedly failed Jerry Jeudy and because so, he may be in a different uniform in the coming weeks.

According to NFL insider Jordan Schultz, the winless Carolina Panthers are currently in the trade market for a "No. 1 caliber" WR. Two of the most trending names that have surfaced in the wake of this report include Bengals WR Tee Higgins and Broncos WR Jerry Jeudy. Aside from former defensive coaches Dom Capers and Ejiro Evero, there is not much connection between Jeudy and the Panthers however, could make a lot of sense for both sides.

Assuming Russell Wilson and Jerry Jeudy are not able to get on the same page this week or the next, it may be in the best interest of both Jeudy's career and the Broncos front office to part ways in a trade. The talented young wideout deserves better and if he is not going to be treated like a first-read option at receiver, then the Broncos may as well move on and take the bait while they can. Jeudy's value is currently the highest it's going to be in Denver, assuming the Broncos do not retain him and attempt to boost his trade value prior to this year's trade deadline on Halloween.

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A second round pick would likely get the deal done for a Jeudy trade however, if this scenario were to play out, GM George Paton and the Broncos front office should do everything in their power to ensure that Jeudy is dealt to an NFC team. While the return in a trade would likely be higher if a AFC team or even an AFC West team would like to acquire the premiere route runner, it would be foolish for Denver to deal him away to a team in the same conference that would terrorize Denver's defense. The Broncos already screwed up their usage of Jeudy in the first place. If the front office chooses to let go of Jeudy, at the very least, make amends with the fanbase and trade the young wideout to a team that would not be competing with the Broncos on a yearly basis. The Carolina Panthers seems to be the most logical choice.