Patrick Surtain II gets high recognition from coaches, executives, players, and scouts around the NFL

ESPN does an annual survey to NFL players, coaches, executives, and scouts to rank the active players by position

Patrick Surtain II
Patrick Surtain II / Jamie Schwaberow/GettyImages

Every year, ESPN surverys different type of people around the NFL. These people are executives, coaches, scouts, and players, and the survey is to rank the top 10 players at each position.

The survey asks for the people to rank their top 10 players at each position, and after every person submits their responses, ESPN averages the results to give a final top 10.

The cornerback results are in, and ESPN released the top 10 player list for this position. Broncos star cornerback Patrick Surtain II was mentioned in the list. Going into his third year in the NFL, Surtain has gained a lot of respect, as he has become a true lock-down corner despite a very young age.

He has proven why Denver passed on quarterbacks like Justin Fields and Mac Jones during the 2021 NFL Draft. Despite being only two years in the NFL, Pat is already a starting cornerback in the Pro Bowl, a First-Team All-Pro, and was named to the Pro Football Writers of America's 2021 All-Rookie team. He has become a top-tier cornerback in the NFL, and people around the league think so, according to the ESPN survey results.

Surtain was the top-ranked cornerback in the NFL, which is a very important accomplishment for him and for the Denver Broncos to know that they really have a top-tier player in his position.

The article, where ESPN released their survey results regarding the cornerback position, states the following about Patrick Surtain II ...

""One NFL executive recalls talking with draft-eligible cornerbacks about which current player they try to emulate. "The player they say is Surtain," the exec said. It's like a changing of the guard." Surtain's No. 7 ranking last year might have sold him short. He has been ascending since he first stepped foot on an NFL field as a Broncos rookie in 2021. He is already one of four NFL players to pick off quarterback Patrick Mahomes multiple times.""


Going into year three, people around the league have a lot of high expectations regarding Surtain. The article highlights his ball-hawking skills and says that he is a complete corner by mentioning the following ...

""His 14.5% ball-hawk rate on 10.6 yards allowed per completion is modest, but teams also stay away from him now. His 12.5% target rate was the lowest among cornerbacks with more than 201 coverage snaps (Surtain played 533 coverage snaps)."

"Complete corner: physical, technical, versatile," a high-ranking NFL official said. "He's a true matchup guy vs. the best players. Premium ability on press or off coverage. Outstanding open-field tackler. Solid ball skills. Plays with confidence. Really, really smart. And plays disciplined so he doesn't give anything away.""


""He's separated himself, and I don't think it's close," an AFC scout said. "If you're picking a team, you're taking him first.""


The article also mentions his bad game against the Carolina Panthers last year, where Pat struggled against DJ Moore, and also mentions the matchups against Davante Adams when Denver faced the Raiders ...

""Surtain can play on an island, a skill set Denver utilized plenty in 2022. All corners get beat on occasion, and in Surtain's case, DJ Moore got the best of him in the Broncos' loss to the Panthers on Nov. 27. Davante Adams had two 100-yard games vs. Denver last year. But the Broncos' porous offense compromised the defense on plenty of occasions. And many evaluators consider a receiver getting the best of Surtain a rarity.""


Every corner has its bad games, but maintaining the high level as Pat has done over two years is insane!

The votes that Pat got in the survey are the following ...

  • Highest ranking: 1
  • Lowest ranking: 10
  • Last year's ranking: 7

Can Surtain keep the Best CB in the NFL title in year 3?