Nothing to worry about with Russell Wilson's training camp performance

Russell Wilson has thrown several interceptions during training camp, but the most important person isn't concerned

Denver Broncos
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Many are beginning to worry about Russell Wilson and his training camp performance, but the man in charge, head coach Sean Payton, doesn't appear to be worried at all. Overreacting during training camp is definitely something that most fans do from time to time. This year, nothing has changed in Broncos Country. Russell Wilson is in year one of learning a new offense, and it's that of Sean Payton.

Payton has had nearly two decades of elite offensive success in the NFL, and there is a ton of reason to believe that Wilson is going to thrive in this system. However, his training camp might not be off to the best start, depending on who you ask.

Wilson has thrown a good bit of interceptions since camp started, and I think we'd all prefer him to not throw picks, even if you aren't making a big deal of this. I am personally not concerned about the interceptions, but if I was given the choice of him not throwing picks and throwing picks, I'd obviously choose the former.

It is important to keep in mind that the Denver Broncos' secondary is one of the very best in the NFL. Patrick Surtain II and Justin Simmons have made life hard for Wilson, but both are top 50 players in the NFL and are arguably the best at their respective positions. Most quarterbacks are going to struggle against this secondary.

Let's also not forget about one of the five best slot cornerbacks in the NFL in K'Waun Williams, who has done well so far. If you are someone who is concerned about the interceptions, don't be. Sean Payton doesn't seem to be worried in the least:

Well, there you have it. Sean Payton isn't worried at all. I'm not really sure what else Broncos Country would need to hear from Payton to keep the Wilson worry at ease. One of the best offensive coaches perhaps of all time is not worried about the interceptions. That's the biggest endorsement that Russell Wilson can get in all honesty.

In fact, all the way back in 2018, many were making a huge deal about then-Broncos' QB Case Keenum being deadly accurate during camp. It took him days to throw an interception. Well, we all know how Keenum did when the season began. Let's not look too much into these interceptions. There are so many factors during camp practices that are different from the real thing.


Now, if the regular season starts and Wilson is throwing picks more than we'd like, then yes, there is reason to be concerned.

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