Nightmare scenarios for Denver Broncos in 2023

The Denver Broncos are a franchise reeling from years of consistent failures. There is plenty of hope heading into 2023, but these scenarios can't come to fruition.

Oct 31, 2021; Denver, Colorado, USA; Denver Broncos offensive tackle Garett Bolles (72) is tended to
Oct 31, 2021; Denver, Colorado, USA; Denver Broncos offensive tackle Garett Bolles (72) is tended to / Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports
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After missing the playoffs seven seasons running, the Broncos have made drastic moves to try to get back into the upper echelon of teams in the NFL. Those moves have included big trades for a new quarterback and a new head coach.

The AFC is stacked with good teams and there seems to be more of those than ever as we head into the 2023 season, but the Broncos are a team that really needs to get back to their winning ways and that is going to require beating some of those teams.

As it stands, the Broncos appear to have put together a solid roster heading into the upcoming season and there is a ton of faith in Sean Payton as the team's new coach after all of the success he had with the New Orleans Saints.

However, each NFL season is different and winning the Super Bowl is no easy task. The Broncos will have to avoid a few pitfalls to reach that ultimate goal and the scenarios discussed here would make that quite difficult, if not impossible.

Denver Broncos, Russell Wilson
Jan 8, 2023; Denver, Colorado, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson (3) prior to the game / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos 2023 nightmare scenario No. 1: Russell Wilson really is "cooked"

The Broncos gave up a first-round pick to get Payton to become the new head coach, but they have an even bigger investment in Russell Wilson.

Wilson had the worst season of his career last year, his first with the Broncos, and the hope is that it was just an aberration, made worse by bad coaching. Payton's top focus in his first season with Denver will be to get the most out of Wilson.

But what if it wasn't just a bad season? What is Wilson's abilities are in serious decline and the Seattle Seahawks knew that for awhile before eagerly moving him in a trade?

That would definitely be a nightmare situation for the Broncos, who would then once again be looking for a franchise quarterback. That is why there is definitely more than meets the eye to the signing of Jarrett Stidham to be his backup.

The Broncos would then be forced to make a difficult decision with Wilson and that could result in some serious dead money against the salary cap.

This is going to be an incredibly important season for Wilson as far as his future in the league is considered and he can't afford to be anything but great.