NFL insider suggests NFC North team could interest Russell Wilson

If it is not Denver ... where will Russell Wilson play in 2024? Can a team pull up a trade for him?

Russell Wilson
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Can Russell Wilson still be a starting quarterback in the NFL despite getting benched by the Denver Broncos? The answer would depend on the team he lands with On Tuesday, ESPN analyst Jeremy Fowler wrote an article regarding Russell Wilson's future, and a couple of interesting notes were mentioned throughout.

As we all know, both General Manager George Paton and Head Coach Sean Payton mentioned during the Broncos end-of-the-season press conference that the door is not closed for Russ, and he could still be Denver's QB1 going forward. A contract restructure would be ideal so the Broncos can avoid a disaster with their cap situation and can still make important signings in the upcoming free agency.

But let's talk about what Fowler mentioned in his article, regarding multiple teams possibly being interested in Wilson. A trade would be ideal for the Broncos, but I think that it is almost impossible for a team to trade for him.

Fowler mentions that a couple of NFC teams -- to be specific, the Vikings, Buccaneers, and Falcons -- could be potential suitors for Wilson if he ends up leaving Denver. Pittsburgh and New England are possible suitors too. There are big question marks, especially for the first two teams I mentioned.

Both, the Vikings and Bucs have quarterbacks that will become free agents once the new league year opens in March. Cousins was signed to a one-year contract extension ahead of this season and tore his Achilles, now his contract will be over. Will he return to Minnesota? That is the big question mark, but if he does not return, Fowler mentions that Russ could be intrigued to play for the Vikings.

""Don't be surprised if Wilson, should he become a free agent, is intrigued by Minnesota, assuming Kirk Cousins doesn't re-sign with the Vikings (a big question). Kevin O'Connell comes from the Sean McVay passing tree that maximizes quarterback efficiency. Wilson would have plenty of weapons in a group that includes Justin Jefferson, T.J. Hockenson and Jordan Addison.""

Jeremy Fowler - ESPN


Minnesota also has a good offensive line, which also helps the case for Wilson to be intrigued to play for the Vikings. Tampa, who Fowler mentions as a possible option, will likely re-sign the former number one overall pick, Baker Mayfield, who is having an impressive season, and just eliminated the 'powerful' Philadelphia Eagles in the Wild Card round. I do not think that Mayfield will leave Tampa, but if he does, Wilson is a good option for them, not only because of the weapons and offensive line but because his former quarterback coach in Seattle (Dave Canales) is now the Buccaneers' QBs coach.

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