NFL insider names Denver Broncos a potential landing spot for Jonathan Taylor

Would the Denver Broncos be a realistic destination for Colts All-Pro RB Jonathan Taylor?

Denver Broncos
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With recent news announcing that the Indianapolis Colts are officially granting superstar RB Jonathan Taylor's request to be traded from the team, multiple teams around the NFL have already made it well-known they are interested in acquiring the 2021 league rushing leader. Of those teams that have been reported to be heavily interested and already preparing offers are the Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, and Chicago Bears among many other teams in the mix.

However, one team that may not be considered a "favorite" to pursue the All-Pro RB but appears to have the cap space and draft capital to make the move possible is the Denver Broncos. According to NFL insider for NFL Network, Ian Rapoport, the Broncos are one of several teams he believes to be interested in trading for Jonathan Taylor.

It is important to note that Ian Rapoport does have very close ties inside the NFL and privately speaks with numerous general managers, head coaches, and owners around the league. Therefore, his input in the Jonathan Taylor saga should not be taken with a grain of salt, even if the report seems far-fetched. Relatively early in the process, Rapoport may not be 100% certain on which specific teams will in fact make a run at the 24-year-old RB. However, it was very interesting considering when asked which teams he believed to be a landing spot for Taylor, the first team he did not hesitate to list was the Denver Broncos. Aside from the Broncos, Rapoport only listed the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills as teams that could make sense as a trade partner.

The Broncos' current RB room currently features two talented veterans in Javonte Williams and Samaje Perine along with the recent uprise from UDFA rookie RB Jaleel McLaughlin who is now expected to make the 53-man roster next week. On the other hand, if the Broncos were to dive into deep conversations regarding a trade for Taylor, McLaughlin would likely be on his way out.

GM George Paton and other company in the front office truly do have high hopes and believe in the trio of their current RB core between Williams, Perine, and McLaughlin however, knowing Paton's history of checking prices of available players on the NFL trade block, it would be a surprise to absolutely nobody if he has already been in contact with Colts GM Chris Ballard. There's never any harm in monitoring available star players to check in on the asking price in case of a scenario where the Broncos decide they need to heavily pursue talent due to an unforeseen injury to their roster.


Considering the confidence the Broncos' front office and coaching staff has in their franchise RB Javonte Williams, who is now 100% healthy and ready to go, a trade for Taylor does not seem within the realm of reality. Denver has already dedicated cap space to the position by handing a two-year, $7.5M contract to vet Samaje Perine earlier this offseason. While the Broncos did free up cap space by reconstructing the contract of DL Mike Purcell and a trade is considerably possible (as Rapoport mentioned), Taylor does not appear to be high enough on Denver's radar for them to ignore the other holes on their roster.

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