NFL Draft 2024: Full list of Broncos draft picks on Day 3

Where do the Denver Broncos pick on Day 3 of the 2024 NFL Draft?
Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos have started off the 2024 NFL Draft by taking two players at premium positions: Quarterback Bo Nix in the 1st round and EDGE rusher Jonah Elliss in the 3rd round. Heading into Day 3 of the 2024 Draft, the Broncos will be on the hunt for more gems and diamonds in the rough who can help this roster immediately, at least on special teams.

Because the Broncos haven't had a first-round pick since 2021, the roster is a little devoid of talent in some ways. There is upside all over the roster, but fans definitely came into this draft concerned about the overall talent level of the roster. Hitting on some Day 3 draft selections will go a long way toward boosting this team's chances of reloading and getting into the playoffs quicker than expected.

So where do the Broncos pick on Day 3?

Denver Broncos Day 3 picks in 2024 NFL Draft

  • 4th round: 121st overall
  • 5th round: 136th overall
  • 5th round: 145th overall
  • 5th round: 147th overall
  • 6th round: 207th overall
  • 7th round: 256th overall

The Broncos have six selections overall on Day 3 of the draft, and general manager George Paton noted that they have ultimate flexibility. With those three picks in round five, the Broncos could move up near the top of the fourth round to get someone they are targeting.

Especially due to the perceived lack of "depth" in this class, it wouldn't be a shock in the slightest to see the Broncos go after a couple of guys early on Saturday and perhaps shift their focus to priority undrafted free agents.

What time is Day 3 of the 2024 NFL Draft?

Day 3 of the 2024 NFL Draft starts at 12 PM ET (10 AM MT)

Top prospects remaining on Day 3 of the 2024 NFL Draft

You really almost wish the Broncos could just have three or four picks to open up the 4th round here, because some of the "leftovers" after Day 2 of the NFL Draft could come in and impact this roster.

  • DL Brandon Dorlus, Oregon
  • TE Ja'Tavion Sanders, Texas
  • WR Troy Franklin, Oregon
  • WR Javon Baker, UCF
  • RB Jaylen Wright, Tennessee
  • EDGE Mohamed Kamara
  • RB Ray Davis, Kentucky
  • CB TJ Tampa, Iowa State
  • TE Theo Johnson, Penn State
  • TE Jared Wiley, TCU
  • WR Malik Washington, Virginia

If this Denver Broncos front office and coaching staff wants to add offensive weapons, the 4th round is going to be a great spot to do it. Don't be surprised to see Sean Payton and George Paton do some wheeling and dealing on Day 3.